Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis rocks up in London to meet George Osborne in an edgy jacket

Opinion was split as to whether he looked like a rebel, or Derek Trotter

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Yanis Varoufakis may have come to London to talk tough on Greece's Euro membership and his country's debt (more of that here). But that didn't stop pundits from having fun pointing out how ridiculous the contrast was between Chancellor George Osborne's boring old suit-and-tie with Varoufakis' Del Boy jacket.

Looking like he was about to ask for your ID outside a nightclub, or perhaps ask if you were interested in buying some genuine Rolex watches, Varoufakis' informal style split opinion.


The Independent's fashion editor Alexander Fury argued that the look had naff Euro connotations. "It's nice that he's showed up wearing one of the colours of the Greek flag," he offered. "He looks more like a Greek Eurovision contestant than a Greek finance minister."

Meanwhile, Twitter was largely pro-jacket:

Varoufakis was recently made finance minister with radical left coalition Syriza in the general election and has been praised for being open and accessible. He continues to update his blog in his typically blunt style, and is on a tour of Europe to renegotiate the debt deal for Greece.