Hulk Hogan awarded another $25 million in Gawker trial

Another good day in court for the Hulkster

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Hulk Hogan has been awarded an additional $15 million in his lawsuit against the online news site Gawker Media, in addition to the $115 million in damages that was announced on Friday.

The Florida jury deliberated for more than four hours on Monday before deciding on the punitive damages in the case.

Hogan, the former professional wrestler whose real name is Terry Bollea, sued Gawker for publishing snippets of a sex tape that he says violated his privacy.

“I feel great. I'm really happy about everything that's happened,” Hogan said outside the St Petersburg courthouse after decision, according to CNN.

“I think we made history today because I think we protected a lot of people from maybe going through what I went through. So we're very excited, very happy.”

However, Gawker's President and General Counsel Heather Dietrick and founder Nick Denton have been looking forward to the appeals process. Both have voiced confidence in previously unread documents and testimony that the jury has not been allowed to review.

“There is so much this jury deserved to know and, fortunately, that the appeals court does indeed know," Dietrick said. 

"So we are confident we will win this case ultimately based on not only on the law but also on the truth."