Jeremy Clarkson denies using racist 'N-word' while filming Top Gear episode: Unseen footage shows presenter reciting derogatory rhyme


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Jeremy Clarkson has denied claims of racism after he was accused of using the word "n***er" in an unaired episode of Top Gear.

In unseen footage released by The Mirror newspaper which was filmed by the BBC but later edited out of the aired programme, Clarkson can be seen reciting a children's counting rhyme while selecting which car he prefers.

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In the footage, he is heard to say "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...”.  He is then alleged to mumble the phrase: “Catch a n***er by his toe”. It is unclear from the footage whether Clarkson actually uses the word "n***er".

On his Twitter account this morning, Clarkson issued a firm denial: "I did not use the n word. Never use it. The Mirror has gone way too far this time," he said.

Last week, the BBC apologised over a remark made by Clarkson during another episode of Top Gear.

While building a makeshift bridge over the River Kwai in Thailand, Clarkson said: "That is a proud moment - but there's a slope on it."


A Top Gear executive producer said: "When we used the word 'slope' in the recent Top Gear Burma Special it was a light-hearted word play joke referencing both the build quality of the bridge and the local Asian man who was crossing it.

"We were not aware at the time, and it has subsequently been brought to our attention, that the word 'slope' is considered by some to be offensive and although it might not be widely recognised in the UK, we appreciate that it can be considered offensive to some here and overseas, for example in Australia and the USA.

"If we had known that at the time we would not have broadcast the word in this context and regret any offence caused."

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