Jeremy Corbyn offered camerman Dai Baker a cup of tea, he says, while David Cameron ignored him

Dai Baker has met many famous politicians and always judges them by how they 'treat the cameraman'

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A cameraman has revealed how Jeremy Corbyn offered to make him a cup of tea, while David Cameron didn’t even say ‘good morning’.

Dai Baker, 43, revealed the highs and lows of his experiences with politicians to the Daily Mirror after his post regarding Mr Corbyn’s beverage offering was shared across twitter.

He explained that throughout his career, he’s always judged the leaders he's met “by how they treat the cameraman”.

Mr Baker, from Newport, Wales said that although he declined Mr Corbyn’s offer “he seemed like a very nice chap”.

However Mr Baker says the same cannot be said for the Prime Minister, despite spending two days in each others company on a trip to China.

“I got nothing from him. Not even a good morning… Normally when you put microphones on them you get some basic conversation. I certainly wouldn’t have expected a cup of tea but a good morning would have been nice.”

Other former Prime Ministers Mr Baker recounted were John Major, who he described as “very personable”. Tony Blair was, after a rocky start, “charming”, as was his wife Cherie who also made him cups of tea “and even sandwiches”.

Not exclusive to British soil, Mr Baker has also filmed US presidents, with a favourite being George W. Bush, who he met several times.

“We ended up just three of us in the Oval office talking about sport and baseball for about half an hour. He wasn’t in a hurry to get rid of us”, Mr Baker said.

As for Barack Obama, he was “very polite” but also very busy, explaining that he didn't have a proper chance to get to talk to the President.

However, in spite of this Mr Baker says he did “manage to get a high-five.”