Josh Greenberg dead: Grooveshark co-founder dies aged 28

Grooveshark closed down in April

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Josh Greenberg, the co-founder of the recently-axed music streaming service Grooveshark, has been found dead.

The 28-year-old is believed to have died on Sunday, according to Gainesville police.

The entrepreneur's girlfriend had returned to their home following a trip to Orlando, Florida, when she reportedly found his lifeless body in bed.

She said she had last seen him Saturday morning and spoke to him on the phone around 1:30am on Sunday.

Police have said that the cause of his death is not immediately apparent.

However, police spokesman Ben Tobias said there is no evidence to suggest that Greenberg's death was the result of foul play or suicide.

Greenberg and two classmates at the University of Florida founded Grooveshark in 2006.

The service closed in April of this year after nearly a decade of providing free music, as part of a settlement with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group.

In a message to fans, Grooveshark apologised for failing to secure licenses from rights holders for the music available on the service.

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