Julia Roberts tells Sally Field she has 's**t for brains’ in televised war of expletives

The Flying Nun actress proves that she has the foulest mouth of all Hollywood

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Julia Roberts and Sally Field waged a war of swear words on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week.

And it transpires that Field really does have the most extensive expletive vocabulary of them all.

The pair – who acted together in Steel Magnolias in 1989 – hurled insults at one another as part of a contest on the American talk show.

Kimmel stood as judicator, while both actresses exercised their surprisingly filthy mouths after each being given five seconds to come up with an original curse.

Roberts told Field that she had “s**t for brains”, while Field called her a “c**k s****r” – although most of her entries were bleeped out for being too foul for television.

Field led the way as expletive queen – surely her most cerebral of honours – as both Kimmel and Roberts looked on in shock by the array of swear words that poured so freely.

While Roberts cups her head in her hands and struggles to think of what to say next, Field remains non-plussed and confident.

“I got this from my son,” she says before launching into a word so dumbfounding, that Roberts cries: “What even is that?”

In the end, Roberts loses her cool and tells the room to “go f**k yourself” and Field is crowned the winner.

All hail Sally Field, the crudest actress in all of Hollywood.

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