Kim Sears sexism row: Why Andy Murray's partner doesn't deserve the 'Kate Middleton of tennis' rep

She let rip at Murray's rival during the Australian Open

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Kim Sears may have won a reputation of being a glossy-haired WAG, constantly cheering on her man from the side-lines, but she's no doormat.

The world's media seemed surprised that she seemed to swear during a heated match, apparently saying: "F***king have that you Czech flash f**k" at Tomas Berdych during an Australian Open game.

Sears is now at the centre of an argument about how women are portrayed in the media. Her swearing dominated front pages and headlines on Friday, and her fiancé Andy Murray was even asked about it after the match.


Many have argued that the fact that she swore shouldn't be shocking purely because she's a woman.

Sears might love a good blow-dry and follow her man around on tour, but its worth remembering that it shouldn't define her.

Unlike Kate Middleton, who quit her job, Sears runs a business painting pet portraits. Sears was described as clever by her former school mates. She also doesn't aim to be a full-time professional WAG, and will not give interviews or talk publicly about her relationship. Murray said of her in an interview with the Sunday Times: "She wants to have her own career, not just pose in Hello! magazine."

To add insult to injury, Sears was depressingly "pitted against" Berdych's fiance, Ester Satorova, based on the size and price of their engagement rings.

  ESPN footage showed a split-screen of the two women and their rings. The accompanying stats appeared to describe the women themselves as worth “4.7 carats ($379,460)” and “5.3 carats ($341,514)”.

Oh, and Thursday's game was not the first time she's sworn, as evidenced by the ridiculously good T-shirt she wore earlier in the month saying: "I shih tzu not".