Liam Gallagher 'lovechild' legal dispute: Oasis frontman appears in court

The Oasis star attends a hearing to discuss the daughter he fathered with Liza Ghorbani

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Liam Gallagher appeared in court in New York yesterday to settle a child support dispute with his former ex-lover, Liza Ghorbani.

The two have a daughter, Gemma, together – the result of a fling they had in 2010, after American journalist Ghorbani interviewed him for a piece written for the New York Times. Gallagher’s spokesperson at the time initially said that he was considering legal action against the New York Post, in which the allegations first appeared.

He was at the time still married to Nicole Appleton, who later divorced him for adultery. Ghorbani filed a multi-million lawsuit against him over child support.

According to The Sun, Gallagher has agreed to temporary support, although a final deal has not yet been decided. Justice Laura Drager told them to continue negotiating, adding that, “hopefully it will produce a settlement.”

The singer reportedly greeted Ghorbani, asking her to enter the courtroom first, saying “After you”. She allegedly ignored him.

The musician has reportedly never met the child, who was born in March last year.

A second hearing will take place on May 28.

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