Mila Kunis admits she is married to Ashton Kutcher on James Corden's new Late Late Show

Newly anointed talk-show host has already got his first scoop

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Many questioned whether extrovert comedian James Corden would be equipped to do the job of host on US talkshow The Late Late Show, but last night he proved that he could well be the perfect man for the gig.

Corden managed to get notoriously coy actor Mila Kunis to admit that she is, in fact, married to her partner Ashton Kutcher, with whom she has six-month-old daughter Wyatt.

Despite Kunis replying "maybe" when Corden asked if she was married, he pressed her, saying: "Either you're married or you're not". He then checked out her wedding-ring finger and found a gold band parked on it.

He told the audience: "They are married, look!"


In spite of doubts about the Brit's ability to break America, Corden has already attracted a bank of high-profile guests - including his friend David Beckham, as well as Simon Cowell, Claire Danes, Michael Douglas, Will Ferrell, and Jeff Goldblum.

He expressed surprised when asked to host the programme, saying: "I’m just this guy from a tiny town most Brits haven’t even heard of, let alone Americans. This is just not something I ever thought would come my way." David Letterman was an outspoken Corden skeptic, describing him simply as "that chubby guy from Great Britain". The veteran talkshow host might be eating his words before too long.