Jennifer Lawrence 'nude photo hacker' claims there are hundreds more celebrity images to come

A spokesperson for Jennifer Lawrence, among the most high-profile victims of the hacking, has called the incident a "violation of privacy"

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As celebrities and their representatives respond to the leaking of 101 naked images online in an apparent hacking linked to the Apple iCloud service, it is believed that hundreds more images are yet to come.

The photos, which include actresses and singers including Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice and Kate Upton, were posted on the image sharing forum 4chan, on Sunday evening.

Some 60 naked pictures of Lawrence – an Oscar-winning actress - were reportedly stolen from her iCloud account. Apple are yet to comment on the allegations.

Justice and Grande have both said that the pictures are fake, while Lawrence’s spokesperson verified their authenticity and said the photos were a “flagrant violation of privacy.”

Video: 4chan hacker releases nude photos of celebrities

Since the initial leak, a 4Chan user has claimed that they alone have access to 400 more images of nude celebrities, and asked other users for help to "figure out precisely how much has been leaked" - indicating that more than one user may be involved in the incident.

On the forum which allows users to post anonymously, the user shared a print screen image showing a folder entitled “Celebs” containing 423 items, the Mirror reported.

The post comes after the user who released the first batch of images said they have an explicit video of Lawrence which they will release in exchange for payments via PayPal or Bitcoin – a type of digital currency that preserves the anonymity of the buyer.

The user – who claimed to be a ‘collector’ rather than a hacker - earlier complained about the amount of money he or she had made from the high-profile leak.

“People wanted s*** for free. Sure, I got $120 with my bitcoin address, but when you consider how much time was put into acquiring this stuff (i'm not the hacker, just a collector), and the money (i paid a lot via bitcoin as well to get certain sets when this stuff was being privately traded Friday/Saturday) I really didn't get close to what I was hoping," the user said.