Nicki Minaj tells trolls to stay off her Instagram after publicly shaming people for mocking her appearance

"Can I just be on my own page minding my business in peace?" she tweeted

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Nicki Minaj has spoken up about her decision to start 'shaming' people who leave offensive comments on her Instagram page, saying "They can dish it but can never take it" after people compared her behaviour to trolling.

Minaj has never been one to take verbal abuse lying down, and after a string of cruel comments about her appearance on her Instagram page the rapper decided to give fans a taste of their own medicine.

She had been Instagramming pictures from her brother Jelani’s wedding, which she allegedly paid for in full, when someone made comments about her hair, telling her she needed to get rid of her ponytail.

Minaj retaliated by going onto the Instagram accounts of people who were rude to her and posting their selfies on her account to see how they liked being scrutinised.

Gossip site The Shade Room screengrabbed some of her posts before they were deleted:

But following complaints she was 'bullying' people, Minaj took to Twitter to justify her actions, and hit out at the double standards she gets when she tries standing up for herself.


She added that she wasn't even posting comments or opinions on their photos, adding "If you’re that perfect, you shouldn’t care right?”.

Despite being angry about the comments she gets on her appearence, Minaj has found the controversy surrounding her Madame Tussauds waxwork quite funny.

The figure, which is on its hands and knees in a pose taken from her "Anaconda" video, was criticised for reducing a powerful, respected female musician into a sex object, causing people to start defiling it and the gallery to insist on new security procedures.