No way to survive this: Ray Mears' Room 101 caravan gaffe costs him £10,000

The adventurer slated the mobile homes on the BBC programme, only to lose a lucrative gig

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Ray Mears, the survival expert and TV host, has infuriated caravan fans by calling the motorhomes "ghastly" and "mobile breadbins" on Room 101.

Mears was subsequently dropped from the roster of speakers at next month's Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show, which would have earned him a minimum of £10,000.

Speaking on the BBC programme, which was recorded last year but broadcast last week, Mears said: "I get stuck behind them, and I think they're hideous."

He added: "Swathes of our coastline are just covered in these things. I wouldn't mind so much if they could be painted green, but they have to be painted white. Gleaming white.

"You go down to Devon and all you can see are cities of these displaced urban people in their ghastly white caravans."

Mears was promptly dropped from speaking at the lucrative event.


Emma Entwhistle, a spokesperson for Pelican PR, which is promoting the caravan show, said: "There was no way we can now have him come along to speak at our event. He has slagged off the community we are in charge of promoting and protecting. He has insulted the people who come to the show.

"He shouldn't have taken the job if he has fundamental issues with caravans," she added.

Entwhistle confirmed that he'd lost out on a five-figure fee and went on to accuse Mears of elitism. "We can’t align with someone who doesn’t agree with our core values. He has insulted the people who come to the show," she said. "It’s all a bit elitist, saying that you are OK going outdoors if you are staying in a man-made shelter."

Organisers suggested that Mears try a caravan holiday for himself. It said: "We're sure that if Ray spent a weekend away in a caravan or motorhome, he would very much enjoy himself."

Mears' programmes teach viewers how to survive outdoors with minimal equipment, and was involved in the manhunt for killer Raoul Moat.

He has not yet commented on his faux pas.