Of course Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer went on holiday together

Move over Taylor, this is officially the coolest squad to be in

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Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant. So is Amy Schumer. And since the two started hanging out on holiday together the internet has gone into meltdown.

Forget Taylor Swift’s carefully assembled, immaculate A-team in Bad Blood. This is just a couple of mates doing human pyramids on a yacht and getting a bit sunburnt and (probably) having wine with breakfast.

As soon as photos of the two on holiday together emerged, it made sense. Of course Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer would be friends. They have loads in common.

They both like pushing boundaries - usually by falling over at inopportune moments.

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They’re both really relatable, whether it’s saying what we’re all thinking or freaking out over meeting a famous person.

They’re both at the top of their game – Lawrence is effortlessly juggling the Hunger Games and X-Men franchises and a load of other projects, while Schumer’s big-screen debut Trainwreck is getting massive acclaim from critics and her sketch show Inside Amy Schumer gets better every week.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer were destined to head-up the coolest squad in the entire history of the internet.

And we want in.