Pandora: Get back: McCartney reunites with PR guru

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Following his split from Heather Mills, Sir Paul McCartney accomplished that celebrity rare feat: coming out of a divorce smelling of roses.

At the time the coup was widely credited to McCartney's astute publicist, the Outside Organisation's Stuart Bell.

So it was with some surprise that observers greeted news this summer that Bell was to take "gardening leave" from Outside, leaving Sir Paul in the capable but unfamiliar hands of the company's music director.

Now, however, it seems that the pair are to be reunited, with McCartney taking the bold step of shifting from Outside to Bell's new agency, DawBell, founded alongside Polydor Records' head of publicity Richard Dawes. Indeed, it is thought that McCartney approached the pair about the move, preferring as he does to work with a tried-and-trusted colleague. Bell is reluctant to be drawn on his high-profile new client, but confirms that he is once again working with the former Beatle. Billed as providing a more exclusive service, the DawBell promises to offer "a modern approach" that tackles all media forms.

"It's a bit more boutique," explains Bell. "People can work just with us, rather than using two or three agencies for different media."

Lawson leaves Saatchi to watch TV

Where was Charles Saatchi on Tuesday night while the art world toasted his new book? Watching TV, apparently. The ever-shrinking art dealer chose to give the canapés a miss and stay at home for a night at home with the kids.

"To be honest he doesn't do standing up parties – even the normal ones – so he is not a cocktail party goer," explained his considerably more sociable wife, Nigella Lawson. "I am his representative on earth. I think it's funny and if you are funny you can get away with an awful lot."

Shadow secretary for speed reading

Gosh! Quite a performance from shadow Schools Secretary Michael Gove who, according to the latest Register of Members' Interests, received £460 from one Sunday newspaper for a recent book review. But how long did it take to do? A mere three hours, claims Mr Gove. Clearly he is a master in the fine art of speed-reading (and writing). Tragically, though, he resisted Pandora's request for his tips on the matter.

Beckwith picks her favourites

Tamara Beckwith may have hung up her it-girl crown, but she's a long way from losing interest in who's who on the red carpet.

"Of course I keep up with them!" she told Pandora at yesterday's Bugaboo Red tea. "I read the gossip magazines. I like Pixie Geldof – I definitely prefer her to Peaches. And Daisy Lowe is one of the best. She isn't all over the place going wild – she's a better role model."