Pandora: Will Sexy Sadie make a fool of everyone?

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Stand by for scandal. Sadie Frost, the fashion designer and ringleader of London's notorious "Primrose Hill Set", is soon to pen her tell-all memoirs. Those involved with the project are promising "an amazing story" with "all the gossip" about Frost's two marriages (the actress married Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp when she was 16 and then Jude Law, with whom she has three children) as well as her close friendship with the notoriously secretive Kate Moss.

The book – which will be available in September next year – will be released by John Blake, the publishing house behind the recent autobiographies from Katie Price and Peter Andre, which is thought to have paid five figures for the privilege. Frost certainly isn't short of tales to tell. As well as her two high-profile marriages, she is rumoured to have enjoyed dalliances with several high-profile toyboys, and faced financial crisis after her fashion label FrostFrench was taken into administration last year.

Intriguingly, we're told Frost has decided to hire a ghost-writer, a decision which may strike some as surprising, given the fact she has previously written her own scripts for television.

"To be honest, we're not sure why she's done that," comments our source. "But then she is starring in two shows next year so maybe she's just too busy."

Big in NYC: Mayor's a fan of Foyle

ITV's irrepressible crime drama Foyle's War (soon to enter its eighth year of broadcast) has picked up an unlikely fan. The New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is reported to be such a fan that he invited its creator, Anthony Horowitz, for tea. "I told them to talk to my agent," Bloomberg has said, apparently in the hope of a cameo in the next series. "After I got cut out of all the work I did with Sex And The City – it turned out they wanted more sex and less city – this time we're going to have an iron-clad contract."

Is Carol too busy for Cameron?

What to make of rumours that Carol Vorderman is being lined up, Kirstie Allsopp-style, for a role in David Cameron's shadow cabinet?

The former Countdown hostess has already been approached to head up a maths task force by the Conservative party leader. What of the prospect of Ms Vorderman as a peer, or even – dare we say it? – education secretary?

One person who doesn't sound too keen is her agent, John Miles. "Well no one has spoken to us about it," comes the miffed reply. "Anyway, she's very busy in 2010 so I've no idea how she would fit it in."

A case of don't call us, we'll call you, then?

F1 legend reveals he is a full wit

Evidence has emerged of Sir Jackie Stewart's self-deprecating sense of humour. The veteran Formula One champion has taken the unusual step of releasing a tribute song to himself (composed, we're told, by his devoted son in honour of Sir Jackie's 70th birthday) and is greatly enjoying pointing out that it is to be distributed by Halfwit Records. Several years ago, Max Mosley memorably referred to the Scot as a "a certified halfwit"; at the time Sir Jackie contemplated legal action. It seems time has mellowed his feelings.

Holland's cinema screen inspiration

Jools Holland – together with his Big Band – assumes a cameo role as a 1930s entertainer alongside Claire Danes and Zac Efron in the forthcoming Hollywood flick, Me And Orson Welles.

And, judging from the sound of things, the ebullient pianist has been inspired by the project. "I like the idea of trying to make more 1930s music, actually," Holland told Pandora at the film's London premiere on Wednesday night.

"It's all rather fun. Perhaps I should make an album?"