Russell Brand: 'PARKLIFE!' emerges as the internet's favourite way to mock comedian-turned-revolutionary

Excerpts from Brand's speeches get Blur chorus

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Russell Brand's tendency towards verbosity has led his detractors to find a succinct way to palm off his talk of revolution: just stick the chorus of Blur's Parklife on the end.

You may remember the 1994 song featured lines spoken by actor Phil Daniels like "Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as…" that were echoed by Damon Albarn with the titular word.

Update: The Russell Brand 'Parklife' full video is here

Well @paperclipracket and later, to many thousands of retweets, @danbarker discovered the word was a good fit for excerpts from Brand's book (above).

Instantly, Brand's tweets were met with an inevitable and unrelenting response:



Then came the Amazon reviews:


And now a deluge of Vines:

This meme could go on for some time, given the host of tweets, columns, interviews and books from Brand there are to revisit.

"Just as Craig David eventually found peace with his Bo Selecta taunters, I hope Russell Brand can eventually forgive me, along with Damon Albarn, Phil Daniels, and @paperclipracket who pointed out he’d made the observation before I did (his was funnier too)," Barker told BuzzFeed.