The inevitable Russell Brand Parklife full video has arrived

Russell Brand incurs further wrath from the internet over his persistent and convoluted cries for revolution

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I'm starting to feel bad for Russell Brand now, Parklife might have proven the perfect rebuke for his sesquipedalian rants, but he must not have been able to close his eyes since the association was made yesterday without seeing Damon Albarn yellowing out the window of a Ford coupé.

Anyway, it took a few hours but someone finally followed up on the Vines by splicing his Jeremy Paxman interview into a verse from the Blur music video.

There were actually a fair few efforts but this was probably the smoothest, already having attracted 30,000 Likes on Facebook.

It features such classic quotes as "I think that's gotta change now, we can no longer have erroneous, duplicitous systems held in place", though is notably missing Newsnight's wonderfully over-ornate: "We don't want pedagogic figures comin' in and didactically shoutin' at us!"

The comedian-turned-revolutionary has chosen not to respond to the Parklife "campaign", if you can call it that, thus far, instead focusing on pushing out his 'Trews' (true news) YouTube show on Twitter.