President Obama learns Alaskan dance from children on final day of climate change visit

It looks like he is having quite a nice time on his 'business trip'

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Barack Obama’s trip to Alaska might have a serious undercurrent - he’s there to discuss the urgent need to address climate change - but the President is also making sure he’s able to let his hair down while he’s out there.

A video of Obama learning a local dance from middle-school children was posted by CNN and quickly got shared on social media.

As you can see, he’s quite good.

While UK politicians get ridiculed for eating a bacon sandwich, wearing terrible shoes or doing anything remotely personable, Obama has built his brand on being a likeable, sensible, borderline trendy sort of guy.


Having just become the first sitting US president to visit a community north of the Arctic Circle, Obama has been making the most of his short time there.

He filmed an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls - which will air in the US later in the year - and learned valuable survival skills from the notorious adventurer. He’s also been taking plenty of selfies and visited a local cafe, buying up all their cinnamon buns.

While having a bit of a jig is very nice, Obama has also been observing the effects of climate change on the area and is attempting to build support for new rules on carbon emissions from power plants.