How We Met: Micah Richards & T2

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T2, 19, is a Yorkshire-born music producer and the chief exponent of bassline, a fusion of garage, house, and drum and bass that originated in Leeds and combines electronic drum patterns with soulful melodies. His single 'Heartbroken' topped the vinyl charts for 30 weeks and BBC Radio 1Xtra's garage chart for 23. He lives in east London

I started making music when I was 12 or 13 and I've always been known around the way for my music. Rio Ferdinand likes it and I heard a lot of other footballers play it in the dressing-room to get pumped up, which is an honour for me.

Micah knew that I do music but my family already knew his family before I met him. We're both from Leeds and I knew his cousin. It was no big deal when we finally met. It was just like, yeah, what's going on, what are you up to, I'm doing my music, I'm playing football.

I liked him straight away I'm the kind of guy that if I come across someone who has the right head on their shoulders, we get on. Micah is like that. He's a cool guy, funny he's always cracking jokes and easygoing at the same time. When we met I think he was playing for Leeds juniors, so he had to concentrate on that. Sometimes, if he got a bit of time off, we'd catch up.

One of the things I like about Micah is that he's still the same person success hasn't gone to his head. When we do get the chance to meet, we just chill, discuss music or football. We don't get up to much because we hardly get time to go out. We just kick back or go out for some food. They've got a nice Chinese restaurant in Manchester, so we go there sometimes.

I was never a football fan and I can't play the game, so there's no chance of us having a kickabout, even if nobody was watching, because I would embarrass myself. But now, every game Micah's playing I'm watching for definite. I haven't travelled to a game yet because this music thing is seven days a week, but I'm sure I'll go in the near future. He's doing extremely well.

I've got a lot of respect for what he's doing. He handles it very well and keeps fighting for more. If he carries on with that kind of agenda going on, he's going to be one of the best. I think he could be England captain next year, never mind "one day". Sure, it's a lot of pressure but he's just a normal guy. Everybody who speaks to him knows he's down to earth.

Recently, I asked him to be in my video for "Heartbroken". He was proper up for it. He's the guy at the beginningwho was supposed to pick me up at my house and drive me down to London, not that he was my chauffeur or anything. He did really well and enjoyed it, I think. It depends what he wants to do with his career, but he's a talented guy, so the sky's the limit.

Micah Richards, 19, grew up in Leeds and was signed by Manchester City aged 13, making his first-team debut in October 2005. He became England's youngest capped defender last year. He lives in Manchester

About a year ago a lot of people were saying to me, "Have you heard about T2?" To be honest, I wasn't really into his sort of bassline music. Then I listened to "Heartbroken" and thought it's a really catchy song and I've been listening to it ever since. My cousin's an MC and has known T2 for a while, but I didn't really know him because I was always at football. It was only recently, down in London, that we were introduced by Chris Nathaniel, my manager at NVA [Entertainment Group]. We were discussing things that were good for us, for our future. He just seemed like a nice chilled-out sort of guy. He was relaxed but also dedicated he wants to go far in his music.

We used to live only five or 10 minutes away from each other in Leeds and one day I gave him a lift back there and we just got talking. It's a laid-back friendship.

We've got a few things in common and when we meet he just comes round to mine and we watch football or play Pro Evolution Soccer on the computer if you don't play that, you're not a real man. Sometimes we'll talk about girls which boys don't? and football, of course.

It's great to see someone from Leeds doing well. It's good for the area the talent always seems to be from London nowadays and Leeds is only a small place, so it's nice to show there's talent there as well. I'm really proud of him, and I know he's proud of me when he sees me playing for England. He's going to come down to watch me play soon, which should be good.

It was an honour to be asked to be in his video. I'm only in it for about five seconds I'm driving at the start but it was good to get my head in there and help out. It's also good exposure for me. It's not really my sort of thing but once I got on there and got on with it, it was nice. I'd like to make more videos but I don't want too much the main thing is to concentrate on my football and let him do his music.

Our relationship isn't about going out on the town and coming back late. It's about chilling out and going to grab something to eat and talk about what we've been doing. I think it's good to keep your feet on the ground and focus on doing your best when you're our age, and our friendship helps us to do that. *

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