Reese Witherspoon and Cara Delevingne take top billing in all-star Instagram film set in a lift

Watch the drunken antics of a troop of the Met Ball’s most glamorous guests

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The perfect Friday afternoon distraction has arrived in the form of a drink-fuelled Instagram film featuring an all-star cast of Cara Delevingne, Reese Witherspoon, Zooey Deschanel and Kate Upton (scroll to watch the film).

The location for this excellent scene of harmless iniquity? A very busy-looking lift, presumably following the Met Ball which the mix of actresses and models attended on Sunday evening in New York.

Delevingne shared the video yesterday, in which she asks an inebriated Reese Witherspoon to say her name. This is a challenge for those unfamiliar with Delevingne at any time, but for drunk Witherspoon it was unsurmountable.

“If any of you force me to say your last name, I’ll be f****d,” she slurs.

“I love you Cara. Cara. I don’t know what your f***ing name is. That’s stupid French.”


The film hones in on Deschanel and Upton, before Witherspoon offers Delevingne sex advice:

“The most important thing in a name — for a girl? It’s that a man can whisper it into his pillow.”

The film has since been removed from Delevingne’s Instagram page. Perhaps Witherspoon was displeased with her drunken mumblings being broadcast on the internet.

This is the second time that the Oscar-winning actress has been publicly outed for being inebriated. In May last year, she was filmed ranting at a police officer in Atlanta, before being arrested for “disorderly conduct”. She paid a $100 (£64) fine.

According to the arrest report she asked the officer, “Do you know my name? You're about to find out who I am. You're about to be on national news.”

She later released a public apology:

“I clearly had one drink too many and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said,” she said.

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