Sean Hannity reacts to Russell Brand's Israel-Gaza criticism: 'You're a dumb actor known for your failed marriage to Katy Perry'

Brand accused the Fox News anchor of bullying a Palestinian-American guest on his show using "terrorist tactics" of intimidation

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Fox News presenter Sean Hannity has hit back at Russell Brand's criticism of his Israel-Gaza coverage, describing him as a "D-list actor better known for his failed to Katy Perry", after the comedian accused him of being a bully and behaving "like a terrorist" on air.

In true Hannity style, the presenter kicked off the segment, titled "Hollywood & Hamas", saying: "Russell, if you’re watching, which I know you are, take a close look at the TV so I can educate you because you’re kind of dumb and ignorant."

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On Tuesday, Brand accused the Fox News anchor of using "terrorist tactics" to shut down a debate in which a Palestinian-American guest was constantly interrupted by the presenter.

"One of the definitions of 'terrorist' is using intimidation to reach your goals," Brand said on his satirical YouTube video. "Who in that situation was behaving like a terrorist, using bullying, intimidation? Sean Hannity. That is where the terrorism is coming from."

During the show aired earlier this week, Hannity asked guest Yousef Munayyer if he was "thick in the head" and shouted at him: "Is Hamas a terrorist organisation? I'm asking you a question... Answer, answer the question! You're a guest but you don't get to filibuster the question."

Munayyer, an executive Director at The Palestine Center in Washington DC, attempted, but ultimately failed, to answer the question as Hannity continued to shout over him.


"It's very telling to me, and should be telling to your viewers as well, that the moment you have a Palestinian voice who begins to explain the legitimate grievances of the Palestinian people... If you think we're going to have any progress in this situation by simply yelling at me, that's not going to be helpful."

Hannity ended the segment saying: "You had your chance. You didn't say Hamas is a terrorist organisation. Goodbye. Now, coming up next..."