Star Wars: The Force Awakens - George Osborne booed during London premiere

The Prime Minister was greeted with 'polite applause' but his cabinet colleague got more than 'a few boos'

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George Osborne has been booed by Star Wars fans at the London premiere of the new movie

The Chancellor attended the screening of the new installment of the sci-fi franchise in London’s Leicester Square on Wednesday night along with Prime Minister David Cameron.

The movie’s director - JJ Abrams - then welcomed the pair in his speech. 

Mr Cameron was politely applauded but Mr Osborne was met “muted applause, then a few boos, and then a few more boos after people realised it was OK”, an audience member told the Evening Standard

Osborne was famously booed by an 80,000 strong crowd during at a medal ceremony during the London 2012 Paralympic games but he has since laughed it off. 

It was also revealed that, although Mr Osborne is a big fan of the franchise (the Treasury is now apparently home to several replica lightsabers), he refused a request by the Star Wars PR team to station stormtroopers outside Downing Street because it “would make us look like fascists”.