Taylor Swift 'donates $50,000' to young girl with leukemia who used 'Bad Blood' as fight song

Naomi Oakes was 'heartbroken' at not being able to attend the singer's concert

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Taylor Swift has reportedly donated $50,000 to the family of a young girl with cancer who used her song ‘Bad Blood’ in a GoFundMe video raising money for medical treatment.

Naomi Oakes was recently diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, an aggressive form of the disease that means she will have to spend up to nine months in an Arizona hospital for treatment. It also means the 11-year-old will miss Swift’s concert in Phonenix on 18 August.

Her family published a YouTube video addressed to Swift explaining Naomi’s diagnosis and her decision to use the singer’s ‘Bad Blood’ song as her 'fight song'. The Oakes said Naomi was heartbroken at not being unable to watch Swift in concert and were calling on her to share the hashtag #teamnaomi on her Instagram.

Naturally, Swift (or someone pretending to be her) went one better and donated $50,000 to a GoFundMe page set up by Naomi’s aunt to cover medical costs, along with a personal message for Naomi.

A message left under the name Taylor Swift read: “To the beautiful and brave Naomi, I’m sorry you have to miss it, but there will always be more concerts. Let’s focus on getting you feeling better. I’m sending the biggest hugs to you and your family.”

Swift has not been confirmed as the benefactor, although the 22-year-old has made a number of generous donations in the past and recently donated $13,000 to the family members of an injured firefighter.

The Oakes filmed a stunned Naomi being told they believed Swift had contacted her personally, who could only respond: “I seriously think I’m gonna pass out right now”.

Her mother told ABC 15: "Taylor is amazing. We hope she sees our thank you video."

The Independent has contacted Swift's publicist for comment.