Tony Goldwyn challenges Donald Trump on locker room talk': 'Men don't talk about women like that. A**holes do'

The Scandal actor joins a long list of people challenging Trump’s claim that talking about groping women is ‘locker-room’ talk

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One of the newest ways to challenge Donald Trump, his language or his ideology appears to be on video, speaking directly to camera.

Days after Robert De Niro’s withering take-down of the embattled Republican candidate, Tony Goldwyn reacted to his comments about groping women and the suggestion that it was justlocker-room banter. 

Athletes roundly dismissed the 70-year-old’s attempts at characterising his lewd 2005 comments about grabbing women “by the p***y”, including Oakland athletes pitcher Sean Doolittle, who issued a riposte on Monday. 

Goldwyn has now also joined the debate. In a video for, a Democratic campaign encouraging people to register to vote, the Scandal president, who is endorsing Hillary Clinton, expressed his fears of what could come under a Trump administration. 

Sharing his video, he spoke directly to Mr Trump: “Donald, men don't talk about women like that. A**holes do. Here are some thoughts on what worries me about a Trump presidency.” 

“Everything I’ve seen from Donald Trump is about himself," he siad. "His whole life seems to be devoted to self-betterment, and all of his speeches tend to be framed about him and how people either adore him or what people think of him or what people say about him. Or, it’s very self-involved, it's self-focused and I think that kind of narcissism is a really dangerous thing in a leader.

“When I look at Hillary Clinton, I see someone who is very outward focused, and that inspires confidence in me. When I think of Donald Trump in the White House, I see the exact opposite, and honestly, it’s terrifying me. I fear for my children and for their families, you know, being raised in a world with that kind of leadership. I think our country would really be in trouble.”