Virgina killings: Ricky Gervais slams US gun laws after two journalists are killed in live broadcast

The comedian sent his condolences to the victims' loved ones

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Ricky Gervais has spoken out against US gun laws, after two journalists were shot dead live on air at a shopping plaza in Virginia.

The shooting took place at approximately 6:45am (10:45 GMT) during an interview at the Bridgewater Plaza, in south-central Virginia, around 120 miles (190 km) from the capital of Richmond.

Reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were both killed, while an interviewee was wounded.

Live footage of the incident shows Parker and the interviewee ducking for cover as shots ring out.

Officials believe the suspect was Vester Lee, known professionally as Bryce Williams - a disgruntled fellow employee of the WDBJ7 station. He later turned his gun on himself, but survived.


Offering his condolences to those affected by the shooting, the outspoken comedian questioned how defenders of US gun laws would react if the same approach was taken with other lethal weapons such as bombs.

Responding to pro-gun Twitter users who suggested that cars should also be banned according to Gervais’ logic, he hit back and called them “morons”.

He went on: “Some dopey t*** just tweeted “guns aren't the problem. Everyone who isn't a killer should be allowed to have one.” Hahaha. Perfect.”

The shooting is the latest incident to stoke the intense debate in the US surrounding gun laws.

Following a July shooting at a movie theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana, which left two people dead and nine others wounded, President Barack Obama said the US lacked “common-sense gun-safety laws” but said he felt “frustrated and most stymied” in his attempts to implement reforms, NBC News reported.

Additional reporting by Reuters