Hundreds of migrants stranded in Budapest - in pictures

Photos showed men and women, some with young children, waving their tickets in the air outside the station as they chanted "Germany, Germany"

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Hundreds of migrants are stranded in Budapest after Hungarian police stopped trains leaving for Austria and Germany in a bid to stop them travelling onwards.

Authorities reportedly halted westbound departures from Keleti station for more than an hour, with an announcement over its loudspeakers saying that the measure would be in effect for an undetermined period of time.

Hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers were ordered to leave the building, including many who had spent hundreds of euros on tickets.


Migrants protest in front of the Keleti Railway Station


Budapest's main international railway station ordered an evacuation as hundreds of migrants tried to board trains to Austria and Germany


Migrants wait behind a fence guarded by police as the Keleti train terminal


Migrants shout slogans in front of the Keleti Railway Station


Syrian migrants show their train tickets to Germany and demand being let on the train but Keleti train terminal


Migrants gesture as they stand in the main Eastern Railway station in Budapest


Riot police stand on the train track as they monitor migrants and refugees at the Keleti (eastern) railway station


Migrants wave their train tickets and lift up children outside the main Eastern Railway station


Refugee children sleep in the surrounding green area of the Keleti railway station in Budapest