The best of Dave Brown: Barack Obama

Dave Brown’s satirical powers are at their height in his depictions of Barack Obama. If you weren’t laughing so much, you’d cry. It takes a special talent to produce a cartoon like the “waterboarding” one here and cover up most of the subject’s face, safe in the knowledge that we will all know immediately who we are looking at. As for “new improved death from the sky” – sheer genius.

The best of Dave Brown: Europe

Dave Brown isn’t just a brilliant draughtsman. He does great jokes. “Merks and Francois” – with David Cameron wanting to exchange his EU flag dress for a smaller size works so beautifully. And for sheer comic zest you really can’t beat Nigel Farage relieving himself up against a Continental café wall.

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Greece was bracing itself for serious civil unrest as MPs passed a bill to implement major economic reforms demanded by creditors in return for a bailout.