'Weather bomb' storm above UK captured by Nasa astronaut in stunning photograph

Unusual combination of lightening storm and aurora created amazing photograph from above

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A Nasa astronaut has captured the moment the powerful weather bomb storm swept over the UK, posting the image on Twitter.

Commander Terry W. Virts, an experience astronaut who has logged more than 4,300 flight hours in more than 40 different aircraft, tweeted the picture yesterday from the International Space Station (ISS).

“Amazing photo timing!” He wrote, adding: “Lightning from the storm off the UK last week with Aurora”.

The image has already been favourited by more than a 1,000 Twitter users, who labelled the incredible image “gorgeous” and “inspiring”.

The image was captured as a powerful ‘weather bomb’ storm crashed over northern parts of the country, leaving thousands in Skye and the Western Isles without power on Thursday morning.

The potent combination of lightning and aurora – an electrical phenomenon caused by charged particles entering the atmosphere – created the usual sight captured by Mr Virts.

Adverse weather has caused disruption to thousands across the country in the past week, as snow, hail and strong winds were pushed across the country by a strong south-easterly weather front.

Britons can expect the weather to calm down over the coming days as the Met Office claimed yesterday that temperatures could rise.