Bus crash accidentally reveals cannabis farm

Firefighters discovered a handful of marijuana plants

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A bus driver accidentally revealed a suspected secret cannabis farm on Thursday, when he crashed into a house.

Police believe the driver suffered a “medical episode” at the wheel when he careered into the two-storey house in Walton, Breck Road at around 10:30am.

Emergency services were called to the scene involving the Stagecoach single-decker, and the driver, who is in his 60s, was taken to hospital.

He, and the eight passengers on board, escaped with minor injuries.

The single-storey house was partially demolished by fire-fighters, but the process had to stop to secure a suspected gas leak, the Liverpool Echo reported.

Assessing the scene, firefighters later found the remains of a cannabis farm, including a handful of plants, in the empty house. 

A Merseyside Police spokesman said: “Following the incident, officers discovered a number of cannabis plants at a neighbouring property. Officers from the Cannabis Dismantling Team are in attendance and inquiries into the incident are under way.”