Gary Glitter: Paedophile seen shushing Tessa Dahl as she tells of schoolgirl visits in 1992

Train loads of adolescent girls in school uniforms visited the disgraced singer

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Chilling footage has emerged of Gary Glitter shushing Roald Dahl’s daughter as she tells a laughing television audience about “train loads” of teenage schoolgirls visiting him at her home.

The disgraced glam rock star was convicted of a new string of child sex offences yesterday, including trying to rape an eight-year-old girl.

Before his fall from favour, Tessa Dahl appeared on an episode of This Is Your Life honouring Glitter in 1992.

“Gary came to live in my house when he was between jobs,” she told the audience on stage.


“My sister Lucy turned it into quite a successful venture because she used to pack the train full of her adolescent school friends in school uniforms and then she’d skive school.

“She’d bring them up to the house and charge them five pounds a head to come and gaze at Glitter.”

As she started to talk about the girls, Glitter squirms in his chair before defensively gripping his scarf and miming “shh” at Dahl as she carries on unconcerned.

At the end of the story, he turns to the audience and laughs with them.

Gary Glitter and Tessa Dahl on 'This Is Your Life' in 1992

The singer, whose real name is Paul Gadd, 70, was convicted of one count of attempted rape, four counts of indecent assault, and one count of sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13 at Southwark Crown Court.

He faces life behind bars after the conviction for a string of historic sexual offences against three young girls, who were all fans. Speaking after the verdict, the NSPCC described the paedophile as “devious and manipulative”

“Glitter recalled at his trial the screaming fans outside his home and at airports in the 1970s,” a spokesperson said.

“He used the adoration of fans like these to violate young girls and satisfy his perversions, telling one victim that his assault was their ‘secret’.”

The Metropolitan Police is investigating further allegations that came to light during his trial.

Gadd fell from grace when in 1999 he was jailed for four months after admitting to having 4,000 images of child pornography. The stash was discovered when he took his computer to PC World for repair.

glitter.jpgIn 2006 he was convicted of sexually abusing two girls in Vietnam, aged 10 and 11. He had previously been expelled from Cambodia over unspecified allegations.

On Thursday, Gadd was cleared of two counts of indecent assault and one count of administering a drug or other substance in order to facilitate sexual intercourse.

He was the first person to be arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, which has led to the convictions of Rolf Harris and PR guru Max Clifford for historic sexual offences.