Man filmed beating up dog behind van

'It knocks me sick even thinking about it'

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Footage has emerged of a man appearing to punch his dog in the face before throwing it to the ground.

The video shows the man walking his dog in Oldham, Greater Manchester, before apparently pulling the pet behind a white van. 

He then punches the dog repeatedly before picking it up and throwing it to the ground before punching it again.

Misha Javad posted the video to Facebook after she saw the attack outside her house. 

She said her brother confronted the man, who said it was "none of his concern," the Manchester Evening News reports

She added: “It knocks me sick even thinking about it and I’m hoping the dog is still ok.”

Police said a 35-year-old man had been arrested for animal cruelty after he handed himself in.

Chief Inspector John Haywood said: "At around 10.25am on Monday 1 May 2017 a report was made to police after a video of a man assaulting a dog in the Oldham area had been circulated on social media.

"Whether against a human or animal, violence is never the answer and we will continue to root out those people who think it is to put a stop to their disgusting behaviour.

"The man in custody will be questioned later today and we will be working closely with our partners throughout this investigation."