Sian Blake murder: Partner Arthur Simpson-Kent to appear in court in Ghana over death of former Eastenders actress and two sons

Ghanaian rules state authorities cannot hold suspects for more than 48 hours without putting them before a court

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Sian Blake’s partner is due to appear before a judge in Ghana over the murder of the ex-EastEnders’s actress and her two sons in Kent.

Armed Ghanaian police found Arthur Simpson-Ken on a popular beach in capital Accra on Saturday.

The 48-year-old was said to be hiding between rocks with a knife, which he did not use in a threatening way.

A Ghanaian police officer escorts Arthur Simpson-Kent inside the Criminal Investigation Department headquarters in Accra, Ghana

Ghanaian rules state authorities cannot hold suspects for more than 48 hours without putting them before a court, where it is likely police will apply to have him remanded in custody.

British police have said they will make a formal request for his extradition “in due course.”

At a news conference in Accra on Sunday, Detective Chief Inspector Graeme Gwyn, of the Metropolitan Police’s homicide and major crime command, heaped praise on the “outstanding” work of Ghanaian authorities.

Arthur Simpson-Kent-Ghana-custody.jpg
Arthur Simpson-Kent sits handcuffed

“Our thoughts continue to, and always do remain with, Sian's family and the boys,” he added.

Simpson-Kent had left the UK following his partner the disappearance of 43-year-old Ms Blake and the couple's two sons, Zachery, eight, and four-year-old Amon, who had not been seen since December 13.

Simpson-Kent arrived in Ghana on December 19, where locals had recognised him after seeing he was a wanted man on social media and tipped off police on his location.

An international manhunt was launched for the former model turned hairdresser after he went missing following an interview with police on December 16 on the whereabouts of his family.

House where 3 bodies were found in Sian Blake hunt

Mr Gwyn insisted “there is nothing we or the Ghanaians could have done any quicker.”

Sian Blake was last seen on 13 December

The three bodies had been discovered last Tuesday, in the couple’s garden at their home in Erith, Kent, three weeks after they had last been seen.

Post mortems showed they had all died as a result of neck injuries.

The case is now being investigated by police watchdog the Independent Police Complaints Commission, after Scotland yard took three weeks to find the bodies.

Ms Blake had motor neurone disease – an illness which affects the brain and spinal cord – and was reported by neighbours to have been looking very frail by neighbours in the days before she disappeared.

Her family spoke out about how Ms Blake had wanted to leave her boyfriend.