Strangeways protest: Convicted killer Stuart Horner comes down after 60 hours on roof after promise of 'pizza and Coke'


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Convicted killer Stuart Horner has ended his protest at Manchester's Strangeways prison after more than 60 hours on the roof.

Horner, 35, who was jailed in 2012 for shooting dead his uncle with a sawn-off shotgun, had vowed to continue his protest for “40 days and nights” after scaling the roof of HMP Manchester on Sunday afternoon.

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Two officers with riot shields climbed ladders inside the roof void on Tuesday morning, but were unable to reach Horner, who was seen smashing windows and throwing pieces of metal to the ground in scenes that echoed the Strangeways riot of April 1990.

But Horner agreed to surrender just before 3am on Wednesday after shouting to onlookers that he had been promised a pizza and a can of fizzy pop.

He was taken down from the roof of the prison in a cherry picker wearing handcuffs. Extra police had to be deployed outside the Victorian Category A jail earlier in the night after a crowd of people gathered for a “protest party”.

The protest is expected to have cost the Prison Service tens of thousands of pounds. Sixty prisoners were removed from the jail on Tuesday because of the damage.