Female band manager told to leave industry because she's a woman, in sexist email

He said he'd let her know if he needs a cleaner

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When a band manager replied to an email from a freelance counterpart, she was shocked when he advised her to leave the industry because she’s a woman and told her he’d let her know if he needed a cleaner.

The music manager sent the email after Emma Jay Marsh, 22, a manager at Spiral MGMT in London, told him an artist she represents couldn't take part in a collaboration.

What should have been a professional exchange culminated in the man signing off the email to Marsh: “Thanks you piece of s***”

Asked whether such behaviour is commonplace in the music industry, Marsh told The Independent: “95 per cent of men I've dealt with are an absolute pleasure, and are great people who don't tolerate things like this.”

"We do have some wonderful guys in the industry and it's people like this that give them all a stereotype which isn't at all true in most cases."

However, she added that she thinks women are sometimes treated differently and sidelined in favour of male colleagues.

Marsh said she shared a screengrab of the email on Instagram to highlight how 'ridiculous' the music industry can be.

In the face of the hate-filled message, Marsh said she wasn't upset, and called his cleaner remark "over the top" and "hilarious".

"I take this stuff on the chin, because it doesn't ever effect what I'm doing."