Royal baby watch: BBC Reporter Simon McCoy admits Duchess of Cambridge labour coverage is 'not news'


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The BBC’s Simon McCoy struck a chord with some viewers when he appeared to admit the relentless coverage of the royal baby outside the hospital was not infact news.

Although royalists are consuming every titbit of information about the Duchess of Cambridge and her baby-to-be with relish, for others the media attention devoted to the royal birth is distinctly unappetising.
"Plenty more to come from here of course, none of it news," he told the camera. "But that won't stop us, we'll see you later."
His apparent admission prompted further mirth on social media when he added the upcoming coverage would contain “no facts”.

"We'll just wait and see, it could be tomorrow morning if all goes well today," he commented, regarding when the Duchess of Cambridge might give birth.

"Until then, we're going to be speculating about this royal birth with no facts to hand at the moment."

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