Solihull Police post Gollum picture to find owner of 'precious stolen ring'

The force are keeping up their reputation for posting light-hearted tweets to help solve crimes

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A police force have tweeted an edited image of The Lord of the Rings character Gollum in an appeal to find the owner of a ring recovered from a jewellery store.

The picture tweeted by Solihull police on Tuesday shows Gollum decked out in golden jewellery and wearing a Burberry baseball cap.

The accompanying tweet reads: "We're looking for the rightful owner of the suspected stolen ring, already had to turn this man away."

Later in the day, the force continued the joke, tweeting: "We apologise for the Ring puns today, it's difficult to break the hobbit."

"We are trying to reunite this precious ring with it's rightful owner, do you recognise it?" the team posted at first to set up the joke.

The police believe that the ring may have been stolen and want to return it to its rightful owner. Members of the public with proof of ownership are asked to contact Detective Constable Tom Finch on 101.

Solihull Police are no strangers to posting jovial messages on their Twitter feed.

Later on Tuesday, the team posted: “Boy Racers too Fast and Furious for Solihull – banned, fined & taking the bus for a long time. Not very Vin Diesel.”

In early January they told burglars that they could receive an iPad if they admitted to their crimes.

“Not a scam: If you’ve committed a burglary in the #Leicester area within the last week - come to our #police station & claim a FREE iPad,” the force tweeted.

The force added: “Re the free iPad for burglars, come to our police station with proof of your crime in the next 24hrs & we’ll throw in a special holiday too!”