The Top Ten: Songs whose titles are only in the final words


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I started with “Up The Junction” by Squeeze (lovely version by Glen Tilbrook here at 6’55” via Tom Harris) and “Virginia Plain” by Roxy Music, but didn’t think I could find another eight. Especially as I ruled out repeated phrases at the end of songs such as “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” by the Smiths. My contributors proved me wrong.

1. ‘Red Lights Indicate Doors are Secured’ by Arctic Monkeys

Lit up by Mitchell Stirling.

2. ‘Late for the Sky’ by Jackson Browne

Grateful to Jon Baines for this one.

3. ‘Pigs on the Wing’ by Pink Floyd

Launched by Chris Jones, who pointed out that “The Final Cut” is the same.

4. ‘Made of Stone’ by the Stone Roses

Carved by Ian Peacock and The G-Man. David Mills nominated another Stone Roses number, “Elizabeth, My Dear”.

5. ‘Never Stop’ by Indigo Girls

From Ian Peacock.

6. ‘Queen of Denmark’ by John Grant

From Stuart.

7. ‘The Prince’ by Madness

Crowned by Ian Moss.

8. ‘Just Like Heaven’ by the Cure

Thanks to Mitchell Stirling and The G-Man. Also by the Cure, “Play for Today” was nominated by Ian Peacock.

9. ‘Blackberry Stone’ by Laura Marling

Stirling again.

10. ‘Tubular Bells (Part I)’ by Mike Oldfield

“There is only one lyric section at the end of side one,” according to Ian Moss. “Viv Stanshall reads out a list of instruments ending in ‘Tubular Bells’.”

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