London Tube strike today: How to find your nearest Boris Bike station

Use our interactive map to find your nearest public bicycle hire scheme station

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All 11 lines of the London Underground network are due to be shut down by this week’s tube strikes.

Members of RMT, Unite and TSSA will walk out on Wednesday for 24 hours from 6.30pm, and members of Aslef, which represents tube drivers, will walk out for 24 hours from 9.30pm.

This represents the most severe disruption to the network since 2002, and people using the service can expect delays.

The public bicycle hire scheme, sponsored by Santander and commonly known as "Boris Bikes", was launched in July 2010.

To see where your nearest station is, see the interactive map below:

Despite the nickname, plans for the scheme were announced by then Mayor, Ken Livingstone, in August 2007. 

One of the key reasons for this week's strikes is the introduction of the night Tube, which unions are concerned could bring unfair working conditions.

Union members say that London Underground staff are being offered a 0.75 per cent pay increase this year, and they claim that this is not enough to compensate for the increase in night shifts that the night Tube will bring.

"If London Underground was seriously interested in the night Tube they would have put together a more serious proposal," rail workers' union Aslef's district organiser Finn Brennan told The Independent.