Ukip election posters: Alternative slogans stuck on billboards in Folkestone

It is unknown who has stuck the messages on the controversial posters

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Just over a week since the UK Independence Party launched its controversial European Union election campaign, mysterious stickers have been placed on posters in the port town of Folkestone featuring alternative slogans. 

The edited billboards appear in the east of the town and around the harbour area, according to Kent Online.

One anti-EU poster of a builder begging for change, which features an actor who has since been revealed to be an Irish immigrant, features the tongue-in-cheek amendment: “Keeping low paid jobs for British workers”.

Another sticker reads: “Have you tried hating foreigners...We think you'll like it” under Ukip’s claim that 75 per cent of UK law is decided in Brussels, asking voters: “who really runs this country?”

The edited posters, in the town, which gives access from the UK to mainland Europe via a ferry port and Eurotunnel, come after several posters in south London and Liverpool were drawn on in protest.  


Photos shared on Twitter show an advert in Liverpool scrawled with the message: “F*** off Upricks”.

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Ukip's campaign has been under repeated fire since is mid-April launch. As the posters emerged across social media, Nigel Farage was made to defend the bill-boards against accusations they were racist. Days later, BBC political editor Nick Robinson questioned why the party leader hires his German wife to be his secretary, rather than a British person. A fake advert for the role received 764 applications in the space of just 12 hours.