Video catches driver 'using laptop, mobile phone and headphones' while driving in Aberdeen

The driver was captured by cycling and general road and safety campaigner Aberdeen Cycle Cam

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Police are investigating a video that appears to show a driver using his phone and earphones, all while a laptop is open and visibly turned on in the front of the car.

The cyclist, who runs the cycling and general road safety channel Aberdeen Cycle Cam, captured the motorist on Thursday afternoon as they drove along Queen’s Road in Aberdeen.

In the video, the cyclist is seen approaching the car before pulling up on the Land Rover's left side, before filming the motorist in the front seat.

The footage then appears to show the driver using his laptop, mobile phone and headphones as he waits in traffic.

The driver soon realises he is being filmed and puts his phone down before driving off.

The video was posted onto YouTube last Wednesday and has so far received nearly 2,000 views.

After reviewing the video, police are now investigating the incident.

A spokesman for Police Scotland told The Independent: “We have been made aware of the video, and are currently following a positive line of enquiry."

Commenting on the video, Aberdeen Cycle Cam told The Independent: “I started the ACC youtube channel in September, after 10 months of cycling in Aberdeen"

"Every day I see dozens of people using the mobile phone whilst in the command of a vehicle. What makes it worse is being socially accepted “when at red lights” or in “slow moving traffic".

He added: "Having this channel made me a better cyclist and driver

"I hope many my viewers see the mistakes of others and, when driving, don't repeat them."