Jeremy Corbyn's speech at the Labour Party conference: What time will it be and what will he say?

The Labour leader is expected to say he loves his country in a move that will address his right-wing critics' concerns

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Jeremy Corbyn will tell the Labour Party conference he loves his country, saying he wants to rid it of “injustice, to make it fairer, more decent, more equal”.

In his main conference speech, the Labour leader will say he was elected because he offers a kinder politics and a more caring society. He will say he wants all citizens to benefit from prosperity and success.

He is scheduled to give his speech at 2.15pm.

His first initiative will be directed at small businesses, with a pledge to extend statutory maternity and paternity pay to Britain’s five million self-employed workers. He will also call on Labour to develop a package of measures to help small and medium-size enterprises.

However, he has decided to pull back on a plan to explicitly apologise for Labour’s role in the Iraq war over fears it would overshadow the rest of his speech.

In an extract released overnight by the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn will say:

As I travelled the country during the leadership campaign it was wonderful to see the diversity of all the people in the country.

Even more inspiring was the unity and unanimity of their values.

A belief in coming together to achieve more than we can on our own.

Fair play for all, solidarity and not walking by on the other side of the street when people are in trouble. Respect for other’s point of view. It is this sense of fair play, these shared majority British values, that are the fundamental reason why I love this country and its people.

These values are what I was elected on: a kinder politics and a more caring society.

They are Labour values and our country’s values.

We are going to put these values back into politics.

It’s because I am driven by these British majority values, because I love this country, that I want to rid it of injustice, to make it fairer, more decent, more equal.

And I want all of our citizens to benefit from prosperity and success.

John McDonnell, the shadow Chancellor, with party leader Jeremy Corbyn, after his speech to the Labour conference on Monday

He will also explain his new approach to politics, saying:

I am not imposing leadership lines.

I don’t believe anyone has a monopoly on wisdom - we all have ideas and a vision of how things can be better.

I want open debate, I will listen to everyone, I firmly believe leadership is listening.

The huge mandate I have been given by the 59 per cent of our electorate who supported me is a mandate for change.

It was a vote for change in the way we do politics, in the Labour party and the country.

Kinder, more inclusive. Bottom up, not top down.

In every community and workplace, not just at Westminster.

Real debate, not message discipline.

Straight talking. Honest.

Yesterday, the former shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt has said Jeremy Corbyn has until May 2016 to prove he can win the next election in comments that will be seen as laying the groundwork for a coup against Mr Corbyn.