Andy Burnham would make the best Labour leader, but Chuka Umunna would have won party the next election, says YouGov poll

Yvette Cooper is the least likely to make a good leader, according to the public.

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A survey has shown that Andy Burnham is the man that most want to be Labour leader at the next election, despite most believing Chuka Umunna has the best chance of bringing Labour victory.

Mr Burnham narrowly beats Mr Umunna across all voters surveyed by YouGov, as one per cent more think he would make a good leader. Yvette Cooper garnered the most rejection across all voters as 20 per cent said they thought she would not make a good leader.

Possibly most worrying to the Labour party is the fact that the majority of people don’t know if any of the labour candidates would be a good leader.

Of only Labour supporters, Andy Burnham wins the most support too with 37 per cent saying he’d make a good leader, with Yvette Cooper narrowly second.

Tristram Hunt is the candidate most rejected by labour supporters with 17 per cent, saying he would make a bad leader.

Despite Burnham’s support, Chuka Umunna is the leader favoured most by supporters of the four main parties to win the next General Election for Labour, especially by Liberal Democrats.

Labour may wish to take note of Umunna’s impression with other parties’ supporters, if they hope to target swing seats at the next election.

However, Labour supporters believe that Andy Burnham is the most likely to bring power to their party.

The Labour leadership contest has revealed a conflict of ideologies in the candidates at the first hustings, while north of the border Jim Murphy has declared he will resign as Scottish Labour leader.

Chuka Umunna withdrew from the leadership race due to scrutiny over his mother, a Labour MP has said.