Blair holds talks with Spanish premier on Afghan war

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Prime Minister Tony Blair is holding talks at Downing Street with Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar, bringing to an end another week of hectic diplomacy.

The two leaders were discussing the war on terrorism before Mr Aznar was due to attend a seminar of European business leaders at No 10.

Mr Blair's week began with a "mini summit" of European leaders – including the Spanish premier – on Sunday night.

Last night Mr Blair insisted although he was aware of the sensitivities of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the bombing campaign on Afghanistan must continue until all objectives were met.

Following talks with Pakistan's president Pervez Musharraf, Mr Blair said: "We want this campaign brought to a conclusion as swiftly as possible, but it has to be a successful campaign, in other words with the attainment of our objectives.

"Of course, we have to be aware of the sensitivities of Ramadan. We are aware of the sensitivities of Ramadan ... but, in the end, I think everyone understands that the campaign must continue ultimately until the objectives are secured."

But President Musharraf, who was today meeting US president George Bush in Washington, said he wanted to see a "short and targeted" military campaign.

He added: "We would certainly hope that the military operation comes to an end as fast as possible, as swiftly as possible before the month of Ramadan."