Britons cold shoulder Bush

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Most Britons believe the world will be a safer place if John Kerry defeats George Bush on Tuesday, according to an exclusive poll for The Independent on Sunday. While 56 per cent think the world will be safer if Mr Kerry wins, only 24 per cent think it will be safer under Mr Bush, while 20 per cent do not know.

The poll, carried out by Communicate Research last Wednesday and Thursday, finds that an overwhelming 74 per cent think Tony Blair's support for George Bush in Iraq is "bad for Britain". Only 19 per cent agree it is "good for Britain". And, by a margin of 60 per cent to 33 per cent, the public opposes the Government's decision to move British troops to the US zone in Iraq.

With the US election too close to call, the poll suggests that the fallout from a Kerry victory could hurt Mr Blair: 50 per cent agree that, "if President Bush loses the American election, Tony Blair's standing in the world would be seriously weakened", while 42 per cent disagree.