Ed Miliband says he would unconditionally support and love his sons if either said they wanted to change their gender identity

The Labour leader's sons would have a supportive father if they came out as trans

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Ed Miliband has said he would “unconditionally” love and support his children if either of them were to change their public gender identity.

In a question and answer session with the website PinkNews Mr Miliband was asked how he would react if either one of his sons, Daniel or Samuel, were to identify as a different gender to the one assigned at their birth.

The Labour leader responded: “I love my sons unconditionally – and I would do my best to be as supportive as possible.”

Last week Labour launched its LGBT manifesto with a focus on measures to prevent anti-trans hate crime and improve education around trans issues.

The party says it will work with the transgender community to improve access to gender care services.

Last December Mr Miliband said he was “so proud” that his party had selected a transgender parliamentary candidate, though to be the party’s first.

Emily Brothers, who will contest the seat of Sutton and Cheam for the opposition party, said upon her selection that she wanted to be “a positive role model”.

Recent polling by YouGov recorded high levels of public intolerance towards people who change their gender identity.

The survey, carried out in March this year, found just 67% of people said they would support a transgender child.

Labour is also committed to a review of gender identity law.