Cannabis party called Cista launched in UK to campaign for drug law reform ahead of elections

Cista wants to make regulated cannabis legal and taxed

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A new cannabis political party has been launched in the UK in the hope to push reform of laws prohibiting sales and possession of the class B substance.

Cista, which stands for Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol, wants to legalise weed as it believes that the so-called “war on drugs” has only benefited criminals by driving production and distribution underground.


The legalisation of medicinal-use cannabis in the US of state Colorado last year has become a successful model in collecting revenue through authorised sales with $40 million raised in taxes so far, the party says.

Cannabis is also legal in the US states of Alaska, Oregon and Washington.

Around £900 million could be raised from sales of legalised, regulated and taxed cannabis and could cut the national deficit by £1.25 billion, the draft manifesto for Cista claims.

Cannabis products sold in a dispensary in Denver, Colorado

The party, which was launched this week, states: “Decades of criminalising use of cannabis have failed on every front. Across the world, countries are properly redrafting laws relating to cannabis use with benefits for the economy, public health and levels of crime.

“Cista exists to replicate this success. Our candidates during the 2015 Elections will be campaigning for a Royal Commission to review Britain’s drug laws.”

The overall score of harm from the use of cannabis is significantly lower than that of alcohol, particularly in physical injuries and economic costs, graphs collated by the party show.

Deaths from drinking are illustrated for alcohol, however none are recorded for cannabis in the graphs.

The claims echo those of former Home Office minister Norman Baker, who said in November that alcohol poses a greater risk than cannabis to the public’s health and safety.

Cista are currently fielding candidates in time for the election.