Conservative candidate Michael Fabricant reveals he has skin cancer

Fabricant has urged others to check their bodies for the disease

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Michael Fabricant, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Lichfield, has revealed he has been diagnosed with skin cancer.

The prospective MP has used the announcement to raise awareness of the disease, and to urge others to check their moles, after he was diagnosed with melanoma and basal cell carcinoma.

Mr Fabricant has said he feels “optimistic” that he can recover, and explained that medics have told him the cancer has been caught in time.

He announced his diagnosis on Twitter earlier, in tweets which suggested he may have undergone an operation.

Explaining why he broke the news on Twitter, Mr Fabricant told PA: "The reason why I decided to tweet this - and I thought long and hard about whether to do so - is because if you deal with it early enough it is probably not a life-threatener.

"So the moral of the story is: if you spot something which is changing on your skin, go and see a doctor.

"I don't intend for this to get in the way of my campaign which I shall continue with my usual enthusiasm. Nor do I plan a by-election in the next five years if I'm successful on May 7," he added.