Is Nick Clegg looking for a new job already? Lib Dem leader stars in Uptown Funk remake

Clegg tries to get in on the next internet meme sensation after Harry Potter mashup showed Lord Voldermort in hair curlers

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It looks like Nick Clegg’s search for a new career has begun in earnest, but he may have to change his choice of industry if his remake of Uptown Funk is anything to go by.

The Lib Dem leader faces a tough challenge to keep hold of his Sheffield Hallam seat and polls have predicted his party could be stripped of more than half of its MPs.

But the ever-optimistic Mr Clegg is determined to look on the brightside and has released his very own version of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ jam.

Is he auditioning for a new job already?

It seems the Deputy Prime Minister is trying to latch on to the next internet meme sensation before it's even started.

Earlier this week a band named The Tom Riddles produced a remake of Uptown Funk, featuring Lord Voldermort in hair curlers.

It already has more than two million views - a few more than Mr Clegg's 75 clicks.


But to be fair to Mr Clegg, his first hit has a staggering 2.8 million views. This just begs the question: how did things get so bad for Mr Clegg's music career?

Here's a reminder of his first hit: The Sorry Song, produced in September 2012, shortly after the Lib Dem leader broke his promise not to increase tuition fees: