Jason Manford criticises David Cameron for 'changing the definition of child poverty'

'Can’t believe David Cameron has wiped out child poverty in the UK. What a legend'

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Jason Manford has criticised government plans to change the definition of "child poverty".

The Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, confirmed this week that the government plans to repel legally binding child poverty targets. The announcement came as the government prepares to make £12bn welfare cuts that their own child poverty advisors have said are highly likely to raise child poverty. The Children’s Commissioner warned that the number of children in poverty will rise by around one million over the next five years.

In a message on Facebook, Manford told his page’s one million followers: “Can’t believe David Cameron has wiped out Child Poverty in the UK. What a legend. Simply by changing the meaning of what we understand to be ‘poverty’. Genius.

“So glad the country voted him in. Nice one. Chuffed to bits.”

He added: “Statistically living in a poor family can reduce children’s expectations of their own lives and lead to a cycle where poverty is repeated from generation to generation.

“As adults they are more likely to suffer ill-health, be unemployed or homeless, and become involved in offending, drug and alcohol abuse, and abusive relationships.”

It is not the first time that the comedian, from Salford, has hit out against the Prime Minister’s policies. In December 2014, he posted a series of tweets accusing Mr Cameron of being “sneaky” and “failing” the NHS.

Mr Duncan Smith has defended the policy move. In a statement announcing the reform he said: “I believe that the best route out of poverty is work- it provides purpose, responsibility, and role models for our children.

“I am announcing that we will bring forward legislation to remove the measures and targets in the Child Poverty Act, as well as the other duties and provision. How we measure things matters because it influences what governments focus on and what we target.”