Nigel Farage's Brexit march on Supreme Court cancelled amid claims it might be hijacked by far right groups

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A march on the Supreme Court planned by Nigel Farage and other Brexit campaigners has been cancelled, sources close to the Ukip politician have confirmed.

The demonstration, proposed for the day the court’s judges will consider a crucial Brexit case, was dropped with it never having gone past early planning stages, the source said.

But reports also emerged claiming the event, organised by the Brexit campaign group Leave.EU, was cancelled due to fears that it could be hijacked by far right groups like the EDL and BNP.

At the start of next month, all 11 Supreme Court justices will rule on a government appeal against a High Court judgement forcing Theresa May to give Parliament a vote on triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, officially launching Brexit talks.

Leave.EU had said that during the court case thousands would gather for a protest ending in Parliament Square, within sight of the Supreme Court.

However, a source close to Mr Farage, said planning for the march had never taken off before the idea was ditched as unfeasible.

Individuals linked to the BNP, EDL and Britain First had signalled they may join the demonstration.

Ms May had wanted to trigger Article 50 herself using royal prerogative powers, but faced stiff resistance in Parliament and the  legal challenge in the High Court, led by philanthropist Gina Miller.

After the case was won by Ms Miller the Government vowed to fight it at the Supreme Court, with a hearing now set for December 5.

There are indications however that ministers are resigned to losing the case and are preparing legislation for Parliament to vote on.